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世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则® botanical disinfectant solution features thymox® technology, a sustainable botanical technology consisting of proprietary patented formulations with strong antimicrobial and cleaning efficacy. thymox® technology is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and 世界杯赛程2022对阵. the active is thymol, which is a component of thyme oil, basically the same as the plant extract.

botanically derived active ingredient

the active ingredient of the thymox® botanical formula is thymol, a natural component of thyme oil. thyme plant has long been used by humans as a food preservative and is generally recognized as safe.

– thyme oil is listed on the 25b minimal risk pesticide.
– thymol is a gras molecule (generally recognized as safe) listed as a food additive in many countries
– thymol mode of action : induces instability in microorganisms’ membrane, causing cell content leakage and death.

is 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution safe for wrestling mats?

most wrestling mats are made of pvc rubber nitrile or polyethylene foam. 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution is effective on both pvc and polyethylene, including a 55-second kill-time against sars-cov-2 (covid-19). furthermore, the product has been rated safe as a no-rinse solution, even on food-contact surfaces.

is it safe for me to use 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution while i am pregnant/nursing?

our disinfectant is great to use all around the house, to keep a clean and disinfected environment for your children and your pets. it is formulated with a naturally-derived ingredient, thymol, that has a long history of use in various household 2022年世界杯名单猜测 such as mouthwash, toothpaste, and is present in various foods. thymol is recognized as a safe ,active ingredient. in normal condition of use of the disinfectant, no harm to pregnant or nursing women can arise.  

can i use this product in airplanes?

is the product fda approved?

 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution is a hard surface disinfectant, regulated by the epa.

can the product be diluted?

世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution is ready-to-use and should not be diluted.  we do not have a residual kill claim.

how long will the product work on the surface?

does the product have to be used only with an electrostatic sprayer?

no, 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution can be applied effectively with a ulv fogger. formulated for use with mechanical, manual or battery/power operated sprayers.

can you spray this product on food?

世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution is a hard surface disinfectant, and is not approved to be sprayed on food.

do you have to use ppe when applying the product?

where can i find out more information about victory sprayers?

can the product be used in a fogger?

世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution can be used with a ulv fogger , as well as used in a sprayer.

is our product nsf certified?

what is the epa number?

does the product need to be wiped off or rinsed?

世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution does not need to be wiped off and does not require to be rinsed.

can the product be used on food contact areas?

世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution can be used on food contact surfaces.  no rinse is required.   food 2022年世界杯名单猜测 and packaging materials must be removed or carefully protected prior to using this product.

is the product safe to use around children or pets?

is the product epa approved to the kill human coronavirus?

the epa clearly states to look for the approved emerging viral pathogen claim on the master label.  in order to be qualified to be on list n., 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution master epa number is 87742-1.  our master label includes the approved emerging pathogens claims and meets other criteria expressed by the epa on their list n webpage. it is very clear that, 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to sars-cov-2 on hard, non-porous surfaces.  therefore, it can be used against sars-cov-2 when used in accordance with the directions for use against norovirus (feline calicivirus surrogate) on hard, non-porous surfaces listed on our label. 

in addition, 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 botanical disinfectant solution is on the cbc list (attached), found via the cdc site: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/home/get-your-household-ready-for-covid-19.html – info may be found via below text as well as the usda aphis list: potential disinfectants to use against coronavirus.

is the product ready to use?

what kind of pump should be used in pails and drums?

botanically derived surfactants

surfactants incorporated in our disinfectants are also of botanical origin, and are usually derived from vegetable oils. these ingredients play key roles in the formulations: they stabilize the solution while giving its cleaning properties. the cleaning aspect of a green disinfectant is crucial since it allows mechanical removing of microorganisms from surfaces, thus increasing its efficiency.

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