floor finish remover features

easily strips multiple coats of floor finish and completely from any floor
phosphate-free, butyl-free, and caustic-free
non-corrosive per dot to offer user safety and simplified shipping
high activity – over 30% for maximum cost benefits and reduced inventory
machine scrubbing not required
easy application with automatic scrubbers
concentrated formula
variable dilution rate – from 9-32 ounces per gallon
green seal certified – standard gs-40

floor finish remover bottles

quickly strips multiple coats

the environmentally-responsible floor stripper, 世界杯2022欧洲区预选赛规则 floor finish remover is powerful, fast acting and has been developed to quickly strip
multiple coats of burnished finish from a variety of floors. it leaves no alkaline residue behind, simplifying rinsing and eliminating re-coat problems. our low odor formula makes it the perfect choices for use in all types of facilities, including healthcare, education, and retail.

recommended for use on:

retail stores
industrial facilities
fire & water damage/restoration

floor finish remover

sizes available:

1 gallon bottle
5 gallon pail

product downloads:

download safety data sheet
download product label

  • phosphate free

    phosphate free

  • low voc

    low voc

  • non-flammable


  • npe-free


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